QDRO Process: If you are reading this you have just begun the retaining process with our office. To complete the retaining process you must provide our office with : Your signed and completed Retainer Agreement; Your retainer fee; Your completed Addendum (which includes all parties information not just your own); […]

Want to know more about the QDRO process/procedures at Ruegg ...

It is a common misunderstanding that I, as a QDRO attorney, know how much Parties will receive. As a QDRO attorney, my job is more comparable to a translator than a financial advisor or a CPA. Usually I need not see the records to translate the terms of your judgment […]

How Much Am I Going To Get From The QDRO?

Whenever you combine and equalize accounts-what you are doing is mathematically saying that $1 in investments in one account is equal to $1 in investments in the other account-which is mathematically inaccurate-the degree to the inaccuracy depends on the investments, but one party will be ‘shorted’ on the investment gains […]

Be Careful Equalizing Different Accounts Against Each Other

At the martial settlement stage, clients expect that discovery is finished and all there is left to do and know about a case is what ‘strategy’ to employ in settlement negotiations or trial.  Yet commonly the retirement assets, often the largest assets of the marriage, are insufficiently researched before commencement […]

Non-qualified plans-what you don’t know

$950 1st QDRO/DRO (Not Military or FERS/CSRS) $750 Each Additional QDRO/DROs $1100 Military Division Order (Defined Benefit Plan) $1100 FERS/CSRS Division Order $400 Hourly Rate (Expert Testimony, Expert Opinion Letters, Limited Scope Consulting QDRO Attorney) $350 Ex Parte Preparation (For Entry of QDRO/DROs only) $350 Notice Of Submission/Request for Order […]

2018 Rate Sheet

If you need to complete a separate property trace, please check out my calculators for public use!  I have calculators for tracing pre-marital interest and post-marital interest and different calculators if you have all the records-or do not have all the records and want to plug in your best guesses! […]

Separate Property Tracing Calculators

I am honored to speak on June 22, 2017 to the Long Beach Bar Association on the ever changing Military benefits laws and how those changes impact family law litigants. I will be discussing the “Frozen Benefit” rule that impacts cases with Active Duty Service members whose divorce was not […]

Military Pensions-Long Beach Bar Association June 22, 2017