2018 Rate Sheet

$950 1st QDRO/DRO (Not Military or FERS/CSRS)

$750 Each Additional QDRO/DROs

$1100 Military Division Order (Defined Benefit Plan)

$1100 FERS/CSRS Division Order

$400 Hourly Rate (Expert Testimony, Expert Opinion Letters, Limited Scope Consulting QDRO Attorney)

$350 Ex Parte Preparation (For Entry of QDRO/DROs only)

$350 Notice Of Submission/Request for Order Preparation (Opposing Party Fails to Sign)

$300 Post Judgment Modification Preparation (Stipulations to Waive Interest, Additional Awards Per Agreement of Parties)

$300 Separate Property Trace Preparation (Attorney must review records before retention and will refer to an outside CPA if trace is voluminous. Parties may elect  to use QDRO Division’s free online separate property tracing calculator to avoid separate property tracing fee.)

$150 Joinder Preparation (Parties may elect to use QDRO Division’s free online joinder generator to avoid joinder fee)