2019 QDRO Division Rate Sheet and New Service Offering!

The QDRO Division team is pleased to announce that in 2019 we will be offering a ‘ghost writing’ service, for clients and attorneys who wish to enjoy a cost savings by completing pre-approval and processing of their QDRO/DROs with the Court/Plan.  This ‘ghost writing’ service will include detailed instructions on how to obtain pre-approval of the QDRO/DRO from the plan administrator, free corrections by our office on the QDRO/DROs if corrections are required by the plan administrator, and detailed instructions on how to complete final processing with the Court/Plan.  For those ‘do it yourself’ clients who are seeking a break on attorney fees, this is your opportunity!

For those clients looking for ‘full services’ including collection of signatures, pre-approval, filing at court, obtaining a certified copy of the QDRO/DROs, and processing with the Plan, we are pleased to offer you our continued commitment to competitive rates and quality service.

2019  QDRO Division Rate Sheet

$700               Per QDRO/DRO-Ghost Writing (Clients will process their own QDRO/DROs with detailed printed instructions provided).  Revisions to QDRO/DROs will be made if plan requests revisions only.  (NEW IN 2019!)

$1,000             Full Service-1st QDRO/DRO (Not Military or FERS/CSRS)

$800               Full Service-Each Additional QDRO/DROs

$1,200             Full Service-Military Division Order (Defined Benefit Plan)

$1,200             Full Service-FERS/CSRS Division Order

$450               Hourly Rate (Expert Testimony, Expert Opinion Letters, Limited Scope Consulting QDRO Attorney)

$450               Ex Parte Preparation (For Emergency Entry of QDRO/DROs only)

$450               Notice Of Submission/Request for Order Preparation (Opposing Party Fails to Sign)

$200               Joinder Preparation (Parties may elect to use QDRO Division’s free online joinder generator to avoid joinder fee) Click Here

Varies             Separate Property Trace Preparation depends on volume of records. (Parties may elect to use QDRO Division’s free online separate property tracing calculator to avoid separate property tracing fees.) Click Here