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The Law Office of David T. Ruegg – A Full Service Law Firm

The Law Office of David T. Ruegg is a full service law firm serving clients throughout the State of California in need of legal services related to division of retirement pensions and other employee benefits on marital dissolution. More commonly referred to as a QDRO, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or other division order is typically prepared pursuant to a judgment for dissolution. Within the Family Law context, The Law Office of David T. Ruegg exclusively handles the division of employee benefit plans. If you require assistance in other Family Law related areas, such as custody or support disputes, please contact Attorney NaKesha S.D. Ruegg of Swanson and Ruegg at (951) 784-1900 or visit www.swansonandruegg.com for more information.

The Law Office of David T. Ruegg charges a one-time flat fee for QDRO preparation. This fee covers the entire process from start to finish, including all letters and phone calls needed to prepare and file in Superior Court.