We have updated our resources page http://www.qdrodivision.com/resources/ to include some fantastic new resources including: Survive Divorce (https://www.survivedivorce.com) provides information, inspiration and community to people going through divorce. Divorce Mortgage Advisors (https://www.divorcemortgageadvisors.com) provides expert guidance to help you navigate the divorce mortgage process and understand your options. Divorce Capital Planning (http://www.divorcecapitalplanning.com) […]

New Links In Our Self Help Resources Section

Here is the text from the Article that was published originally here: http://www.riversidecountybar.com/Documents/Magazine-2018/Riverside-Lawyer-Magazine-volume-68-10-November-2018.pdf COMMON QDRO JUDGMENT LANGUAGE ERRORS AND HOW TO FIX THEM Co-Authored by David T. Ruegg and NaKesha S.D. Ruegg A common problem for QDRO Attorneys is unclear judgment language that leaves to much room for interpretation by parties […]

Article published in Riverside Lawyer On How to Write Your ...