Have you been offered a ‘buyout’ from your ex to not touch their pension plan? Have you thought about ‘just taking your own retirement account and letting your ex take theirs’? What about getting your child support or spousal support arrears ‘paid off’ through the QDRO process? If you have…you […]

Offsetting, Equalizations, and Buyouts-OH MY!

Do you know what a Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP Account) is? Do you know whether or not the DROP account in your matter is community property or separate property? If not-you should listen to this podcast to learn more!

What Is A DROP Account?

Here is an analogy of a ‘valuation date issue’:In 2010 Albert had $100 at Bank of AmericaIn 2013 Albert separated from Betty.In 2015 Albert transferred $105 to Wells Fargo (100% of the Bank of America Account balance)In 2020 Albert’s divorce completed and Albert is ordered to split his account 50-50 […]

Here Is An Analogy Of A Valuation Date Issue