It is a common misunderstanding that I, as a QDRO attorney, know how much Parties will receive. As a QDRO attorney, my job is more comparable to a translator than a financial advisor or a CPA. Usually I need not see the records to translate the terms of your judgment […]

How Much Am I Going To Get From The QDRO?

Whenever you combine and equalize accounts-what you are doing is mathematically saying that $1 in investments in one account is equal to $1 in investments in the other account-which is mathematically inaccurate-the degree to the inaccuracy depends on the investments, but one party will be ‘shorted’ on the investment gains […]

Be Careful Equalizing Different Accounts Against Each Other

At the martial settlement stage, clients expect that discovery is finished and all there is left to do and know about a case is what ‘strategy’ to employ in settlement negotiations or trial.  Yet commonly the retirement assets, often the largest assets of the marriage, are insufficiently researched before commencement […]

Non-qualified plans-what you don’t know

If you need to complete a separate property trace, please check out my calculators for public use!  I have calculators for tracing pre-marital interest and post-marital interest and different calculators if you have all the records-or do not have all the records and want to plug in your best guesses! […]

Separate Property Tracing Calculators

I am honored to speak on June 22, 2017 to the Long Beach Bar Association on the ever changing Military benefits laws and how those changes impact family law litigants. I will be discussing the “Frozen Benefit” rule that impacts cases with Active Duty Service members whose divorce was not […]

Military Pensions-Long Beach Bar Association June 22, 2017

Do you need to prepare a joinder for your case? The Law Office of David T. Ruegg is offering a new free service to the family law community. Our Online Joinder Generator prepares your forms for you so you can join the retirement plan to your case. Check out the […]

Try out our Free Online Joinder Generator!

The 89th Annual Meeting of the State Bar of California takes place in San Diego between Thursday, September 29 and Sunday, October 2. We’ll be there at the vendor tables, chatting with passersby about Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and dividing problematic pension plans! If you’re around, stop by and we’ll chat.

Join Us at the Cal Bar’s Annual Meeting

Attorney David Ruegg recently had the article, “QDRO Cash Outs, Equalizations, and Tax Ramifications” published in Riverside Lawyer Magazine in the April 2016 issue. Though it may not be everyone’s idea of casual or fun reading, you can check out the article below. Riverside Lawyer Magazine – April 2016 Issue

New Article: QDRO Cash Outs, Equalizations, and Tax Ramifications